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LPG, Gasoline ,Naphtha (light and heavy),Oil and gas or diesel D2,Type furnaces, Sulfur granules,light & heavy crude oil.                                                                                                           


1. All products are manufactured in Iran & Russian .     

2. Types is of fuel oil (Mazut) M380 / M280 / M180 / M 100.

3. Gas oil is the D2 and gasoline.

4- LPG is, in both propane and butane.


   1. Buyer send LOI

   2. Seller send SCO

   3. Buyer issues an ICPO.

   4. Seller sends FCO.

   5. Buyer signs FCO and returns to seller

   6. Buyer and Seller shall discuss and negotiate final terms and Conditions of the Sales Purchase Agreement.

   7. Buyer and Seller shall review, sign and seal Contract (SPA) and   buyer shall nominate vessel along time.

   8. Buyer shall issue one of the three options for payment terms.

   9. Seller fix the loading time.
















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