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Paper and Paper board

Paper and Paper board

Paper Type: Copy Paper

Use:   Copier machine, Fax, Laser Printer.

Material: 100 % virgin wood pulp

Coating: Uncoated

Compatible Printing: Laser Printing
Regular Gramage: 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm

Feature: Anti-Curl

Pulp Style: Virgin

Pulping Type: Chemical Pulp

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Color: White

Sheet or Roll

Roll width: Up to 2500mm

Regular Roll size:787mm,889mm,840mm,846mm,880mm,760mm

Regular Sheet Size:700*1000mm,640*900mm,650*900mm,600*900mm,622*914mm,900*900mm,750*750mm,etc.
Packaging Details:
Strong moisture proof polyethylene Kraft Paper each ream or Bulk Package Pallet Loading.

Roll: Strong moisture proof polyethylene Kraft Paper.


Copy Paper A4:

Brand Name: Double Aa , Unique                                                    

Size A4: 210*297mm                                                 

Substance:       70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm                                                           

Brightness       106-104%, 104%- 102%, 98%-96%, 94%-92%, natural white            

Packing: 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton (box)     


Load Qty (20ft)GSM

A4 with Pallet

A4 without Pallet


7600 reams            

8000 reams


8000 reams

8200 reams


8400 reams

8600 reams


Key performance: No jam in photocopy machine, No double feed, Stay flat after copying, Leave no dust in the copy-machine , Nice appearance-white and clean, Nice touch-smooth and bulky         , No see through-print both sides.                                 


OUR PAPER MILL Provides Premium Quality Photocopy Base Paper with High Brightness, Optimal Opacity and Outstanding Suitability for Processing. Our Product Photocopy Base Paper is a flexible multi-use paper.


Features High Whiteness, Good stiffness:

Furnish: Hardwood and softwood sulfate pulp

Pulp Type: Virgin

Gramage tolerance: +-2GSM

Brightness D65 (ISO 2470-2):106+-2%

CIE Whiteness: 162-165

Smoothness :> =25S

Roughness (ISO 2470-2)9ML/MIN) 250

Suitable for double sided printing, good smoothness, opacity and printability.


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